This blog will discus and explain how to silence your HP Compaq Notebook by patching the DSDT table.

I'm currently working on a software code to make this procedure easier. I hope to have this page up and running within few weeks.

Please be patient and follow the development on this page!

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meme1987 sa...

hi , i ve been surfing the net for a method of how to speed up my dv9000 amd based coolerfan, and i find a method on this blog, i dont now if this method works ,but i m willing to give n a try, so i found the microsoft asl compiler, but i cant find this program equus.exe , so please i need some help , i m using mobile net, so the link provided on the blog doesnt work, i finded on google ,but no link to direct download , they just send me to other sites , of course you have to log in, and pay with credit card to gain acces to the download file equus, so anyone ho have this program please help , you can uploaded on sharemobile.ro ,or send an email on my adress with the program in it, memetridvan@yahoo.com, or tubiculosu187@gmail.com... please respond , sorry if i wrote some words wrong ,i hope you understand it all ...

Enno Grünefeld sa...

Hi, I am just trying to calm down an old HP Compaq 8510p which could be used if I would be successful.

Unfortunately I cannot download your tool "equus.exe".

Can you, please, fix the download link?
Or simply mail it to me: abo1 (at) gruenefeld.de

Many thanks in advance